The Notebook (2004)

I am here with another Classic movie The Notebook (2004) download link for you in this post. If you have recently watched Safe Heaven (2013), you will love the movie too. The movie was an epic success back when it was released and was an incredible romantic movie of its time. It brought out the societal differences between people and how it affects their lifestyle. In this movie we see two people falling in love with each-other (a young guy and a rich woman). The young guy made the woman feel how great love truly is and the true meaning of being free. But their social differences soon cause a rift between them. The Notebook (2004) Free HD is available in dual languages.


Story of Movie

The Notebook begins with an old man reading out story to an old woman. The story was about two lovers by the name of Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun. These two first met in a carnival. Very soon they part their ways due to the interference of Allie’s parents. The main reason was that Noah was poor. Allie waited for Noah to write her back but he didn’t. Eventually, Allie gets engaged with Lon and soon after she learns that Noah is alive and decides to visit 200 year old house of Noah which he renovated for her. Allie gets into a delicate situation where she has to choose between Noah and Lon. The Notebook (2004) Full Free HD Movie will help you discover more about the story.


Cast and Crew

Cast: Tim Ivey, Gena Rowlands, Starletta DuPois and James Garner

Release date: 25 June, 2004

Director: Nick Cassavetes

Genre: Romance

Language: English

Runtime: 123 Minutes

IMDb Rating7.9

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 Bistro Review of The Notebook (2004) Movie

The movie is perfect in all respects. This can be treated as a perfect lesson for all who want to make romance based movies. Look at the plot and you will see a boy meeting a girl typically and falling in love. It takes your average story and reshapes it which touches souls emotionally. The director has showed us love a bit differently than the conventional love stories. They try to add up complications and try to explain too much. This movie is simple but great to watch. Straightforward romance and deeply moving. A perfect score by my book. The Notebook (2004) Full Free HD Movie will take you to the other side of love.

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