The Lucky One (2012)

People always search for a good romantic movie to watch. The Lucky One (2012) is a good movie altogether and it will give you true taste of a romantic flick. Director Scott Hicks has taken in Zack Efron in the movie who really showed us another side of his talent. This is another adapted movie and it has been taken from a book of the same author who wrote The Notebook. The movie was made within 25 Million Dollars and it became a hit by grossing a little over 60 Millions. This is a story of a marine soldier finding a photograph of a girl and later he searches for her. But as soon as they start to get close to each other, complications follow. The Lucky One (2012) Full Free HD DVDRIP Movie link will tell you more.

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The Plot of the Film

This movie is a romantic Tale of a soldier named Logan who fought in Iraq. One day he finds a picture of a young woman from a construction debris with a massage “Keep Safe” at the back side. With a stroke of luck he survives a blow from morter by getting down. He thanks the girl in mind for saving him. Logan returns to Colorado to live with his sister. But once a soldier always a soldier. Logan finds it hard to adjust to a normal life. Now he wants to seek out the woman and after some research he finds out that Beth Green (the woman) lives in Hamden and owns Green Kennels. He visits her to give the photo back but couldn’t tell the reason. Beth gives Logan a job and Logan quickly becomes friendly with Beth’s family and her kid. But Beth’s ex-husband, Sheriff keith clayton has other plans. Click The Lucky One (2012) Full Free HD DVDRIP Movie Download link below to see what happens.


Movie Insights

Cast: Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling, Blythe Danner

Director: Scott Hicks

Genre: Drama

Release date: 20 April, 2012

Language: English

Run Time: 01:40:53

IMDb Rating: 6.2

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The Lucky One (2012) Movie Review

I must first admit that there is nothing too special in the film but the film works out really well. This is another adapted movie. This one is taken from the book too. People keep comparing books to movies everytime the books are turned into movies. But they should understand that books and movies are two different things altogether. When books are made into movies, they need editing and that is what has happened here. Zack Efron was good in the movie. He showed a new part about him that people would love to see. The plot of the movie is good, something to speak of. The twists and turns were good. All in all a watchable good movie but shouldn’t be compared with the book. I’d suggest you to try out The Lucky One (2012) Full Free HD DVDRIP Movie. Watch the movie in BRRIP Quality.

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