Step Up 4 Revolution (2012)

 Scott Speer gives us the latest sequel of the Step Up series and that is Step Up 4 Revolution which was released back in 2012. This movie tells us about Emily and Sean who are both dancers and are looking to get on to the professional stage to show their talent. They even have a group named “The Mob”. But it is all going to end very soon as Emily’s father is trying to “Develop” the neighborhood and make it something else. Now the couple needs to fight for the neighborhood and utilize their dancing. Download Step Up 4 Revolution Full Movie in HD and watch it to get the ultimate musical experience.


The Plot

This edition of the movie takes the dancing to Miami. The city is a vibrant one with a lot of enthusiasm for art. Emily is a girl who arrives in Miami for a shot at dancing and becoming a pro. She falls for Sean, who has his own crew with whom he dances. They use cutting edge moves, the group is named “The Mob”. Meanwhile, a businessman sets foot in the neighborhood and threatens to take it apart. That would mean thousands of people becoming homeless. Now it is up to Emily and Sean to utilize the power of performance and dance into protesting. They will fight for a noble cause which can put their dreams in jeopardy. Download Step Up 4 Revolution Full Movie in HD to watch the dance movie.

Download and Watch

Those of you who are using Mac, can download the film from Download Step Up 4 Revolution Full Movie in HD link and enjoy it for free.

Download Step Up 4 Revolution Full Movie in HD: The Crew

Cast: Cleopatra Coleman, Misha Gabriel Hamilton, Ryan Guzman

Director: Scott Speer

Genre: Drama, Music, Romance

Release date: 26 July 2012(Netherlands)

Run Time: 99 min

Language: English

IMDb Rating: 6.2

Watch Step Up 4: Revolution Online for Free

Watch Step Up Revolution (2012) online

Step Up 4: Movie Review

Step Up part 4 is a treat for all those street dancing fans. In this movie, you will see dancing for a cause. Expect to see nice footwork, beats, the Miamy glitz and much more. The story-line of the film is a little dull but what people expect from a musical like this is pure dance. You will get plenty of moves and hype sorrounding the movie. It is watchable and the dance is like a delight.


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  1. zoe says:

    The movie was amazing I’m a dancer to so I will learn from the movie but other then that it inspired me to do more then sit and do nothing anyway I love the movie

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