Now You See Me (2013)

Hi folks, have you watched Now You See Me (2013) Movie recently? If not then I have the movie for you along with download links which will allow Now You See Me (2013) Full HD Download. This one is a Thriller movie for you and this will definitely keep you on the edge of your seats the entire time. The movie is made using a whooping $75,000,000 and it is a film worth every penny that the producers have spent on it. Be it the starts (Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher), be the budget or be the story, everything is very compelling and gives the movie a perfect shape. A must watch for the thrill seekers.


<Story of Movie>

Let me give you an inside peek at the story of the film. There are four illusionists in the film who eventually are summoned to a mysterious address which has its fair share of secrets. After that incident, one year passes by and the four act like THE FOUR HORSEMEN and they themselves turn into bigtime magicians doing stage shows. They do something unique at the end of their show in Las Vegas and that is robbing a bank and handing out the money to the audience. Dylan Rhodes of the FBI and Alma Vargas of Interpol come together to solve this puzzle and they take help from veteran illusionist Thaddeus Bradley. I can’t tell you more than this all you have to do is get your copy of Now You See Me (2013) Full HD Download now by clicking the button you see below. You can watch Now You See Me (2013) Full Film online too.

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<Production Details>

Cast: Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher

Release date: 31 May 2013

Director: Louis Leterrier

Genre: Crime | Thriller

Language: English

IMDb Rating: 7.5

Runtime: 115 min

Watch Now You See Me (2013) Movie Online Free

Watch Now You See Me (2013) online

Bistro Review of Now You See Me (2013) Film

The Movie is witty and there was a clever setup of plot and intelligent casting. Morgan Freeman really perfected his role in the film. Mark Ruffalo did his part brilliantly. These two are the cornerstones of the film. The film has element of surprise and witty lines which will make you think deep. Now You See Me (2013) is a film full of surprises and intelligent twists. If you are thinking the film got a 7.5 from IMDb in a whim, think again. The end will be unexpected and the film is such that it is better to watch it twice just to understand it. will be totally worth your time of 2 hours.

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