2 Guns (2013)

Movie Bistro presents to you another Action/Comedy movie for grabs. We are speaking of  the film 2 Guns which is riding high on IMDb box  office hit list this week. Director Baltasar Kormákur brings Danzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg together in a movie portraying alliance between a DEA agent and Naval Intelligence Officer. These two team up in a botched up operation to catch a drug lord. Now they are running from his clutches and discover that both of them are secret agents. Download 2 Guns Full Movie DVDRIP for Free from the links in the post.


The Story

The story follows Michael Stigman and Robert Trench. Trench is an agent of DEA and he uses Stigman’s plan of robbing a bank in order to catch a mob leader and Stigman. Trench’s plan becomes more than successful as his men couldn’t stop Stigman and the mob. Stigman runs away with the money after shooting Trench. The DEA agent soon finds out that Stigman himself is in Naval Intelligence. When the two services of the Govt are finding it hard as both their men are soon blackmailed, isolated and trapped, The two agents (who are also declared fugitives by their respective organizations) must find a way to clear themselves off the stain. Download 2 Guns Full Movie DVDRIP for Free from the links below to watch how the duo copes with the situation.

Download and Watch

If you are using Mac and want to download the movie, you can utilize 2 Guns Full Movie DVDRIP Link in order to download  and watch the movie in DVDRIP quality for free.

Movie Information

Cast: Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Paula Patton and more…

Director: Baltasar Kormakur

Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime

Release Date: August 2, 2013

Duration: 109 Minutes

Language: English

IMDb Rating:7.0

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2 Guns (2013) Review

Let me give you a bit of information first and that is, 2 Guns movie is originally an adapted version of the comics under same name. It was brought out by Boom! in 2007. It stars Denzel Washington and Marc Wahlberg. These two stars never shy away to make their presence felt on the screen whenever they are together. The two look wonderful together. This flick has a lot of shooting and brilliant one liners. So, the duo is perfect for the movie. The plot becomes a little predictable in parts of the movie but with that said, there are plenty of twists and edge of the seat action material for you to witness and be amazed. The movie will manage to get you off guard with the performances of Bill Paxton, Paula Patton and the rest. Honestly, the supporting cast added the final touches in the movie. It will entertain you and will be even more entertaining when you will get the download for free. You will have smile on your face after finishing it. Download 2 Guns Full Movie DVDRIP for Free from the  server today.

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